We only have a few minor rules in order for a project link to be added to the page.

1. Your project must be hosted on your own website. It doesn't matter if it's on a free host (such as or an actual domain: it just has to be an independent website. No DeviantART pages, no Facebook pages, and so on. Why? Everyone is so reliant on social media and convenient templates nowadays. We want to encourage people to be creative and make their own websites, host their stories on their own terms. We hope to bring back the sense of community the old fan-Digimon days had, without using social media as a crutch.

2. We will only link to stories driven by an original cast of characters. Using canon Digimon is okay, of course. We're talking about the human cast. It's okay if the story takes place in the same universe, just as long as the canon characters aren't significant. This is a links page for FDD - Fan Digimon and Digidestined.

3. (Since we can no longer say "be active" as a rule without coming off as hypocrites...) Have a story! If all you've got is a website with some profiles and a promise to start the story soon, then hold off on applying and drop us a line once you've got the story rolling :)

4. Last one: have a logo. What? We want to keep the asthetics of the page looking good. No text or button links will be added - it must be a logo.

All set? Great! with a link to your page, and a transparent-background png of your logo (at least 300px wide so we can resize accordingly), and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! :D